woman stands alone in the desert. is she guided by intuition or ego?


Are You Being Guided by Your Intuition or Your Ego?

We all have that little voice in our hed telling us to do something, or not to do something. But is it your intuition, or your ego calling the shots?

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How do you know if your decisions come from your intuition or ego?

Those who follow their intuition tend to have a more enjoyable and meaningful life. Those who follow their ego may be successful in many ways, but they’re more likely to wonder why they’re not as happy as they think they should be.

Learning to determine whether you’re being guided by intuition or ego can make a huge difference in your life. While there are no hard and fast rules to make the distinction, some tendencies can serve as a guide.

Here are six differences to consider:

1. Ego-based decisions are fear-based and focused on keeping you safe. If you sat at your desk thinking resentful thoughts such as “this place would fall apart without me”, that’s ego. If you choose not to ask your boss for a pay rise, that’s ego.

2. Ego-based decisions typically have emotion connected to them. A choice made from a place of intuition feels “right” and often lacks logic. You might be doing the dishes and have a brain wave for a new business idea. The resulting battle in your head is your ego fighting back.

3. Ego-based decisions consider external results. Are you starting a business because you want to be rich? Or are you starting a business because you’re excited about the process and the product/service you’re bringing into the world? Are you taking action to gain certain results, or does the action provide sufficient satisfaction?

4. Ego-based decisions involve rationalisation. Your ego is excellent at convincing you that its choice is right. “I shouldn’t write that business plan; the bank won’t lend me the money. I’m not deserving of this. That kind of ambition isn’t for people like me. I should stay at my corporate job. I’ll have a nice life this way. Less risk.”

  • It’s just a rationalisation based on fear – fear of success or fear of failure.
  • The ego tries to justify itself with facts, figures, and logic. Intuition doesn’t need these to convince you. If you’re using logic to compel action, your ego is responsible.

5. Intuition doesn’t judge. A thought or decision from intuition doesn’t involve judgment statements about right or wrong, good or bad. Intuitive ideas feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful. Ego-based statements tend to be more aggressive, insistent and louder.

6. Is the expected gratification coming from within or externally? Would you make the same choice if no one would ever know? Would you purchase that Chanel handbag if no one knew you owned it? Or do you love the designer and love the idea of owning a beautiful high-quality bag? Are you driven by money and admiration or by personal satisfaction?

While the ego can be very limiting, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. Remember that the ego’s motivation is based mainly on self-preservation; it believes it has your best interests at heart and wants to keep you safe. Ignoring the ego can be challenging as it uses fear to influence you – it’s only natural to avoid anything anxiety-inducing and retreat to a place of comfort.


The takeaway is to realise when fear is holding you back from something bigger and better – when pushing yourself will reap the greatest reward. Sometimes fear keeps you from doing something foolish, but more often than not, it just wants to keep you in your comfort zone.

Before choosing which voice to follow, review these tips to help make a decision that will bring you lasting happiness.

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