Soul Map

Soul Map

A four month Life Purpose Coaching Programme for heart-led souls seeking to discover their purpose, their reason and live it out with passion and meaning.

Discover what you were born to do, and live your most aligned, abundant, purposeful life. 

Soul Map goes deeper than career coaching, together we are going to discover what you were born to do.

We're going to listen to the cry of your soul and uncover your deepest motivations, passions and true calling so that you can shine. 

This programme is for those who want to find lasting fulfilment, and make an impact in the world through their work. 

Discover what you were born to do

Ready for your life to change?

This programme will enable you to...

This programme will enable you to...

Discover who you truly are, your soul essence. The person you are underneath decades of influences and societal programming

Transform your fears into fuel for your journey. Unravel what is possible so you can stop holding yourself back

Deeply connect with your soul through your intuition and learn to tune out your ego so you can make decisions aligned with your highest self

Release limiting beliefs and bust through blocks so you can move forward with ease





Learn how to connect with your Inner Child and highest self so that guided choices can emerge


Becky has shifted her mindset, rediscovered her passions and is actively pursuing her goals

"Seriously life changing"

Wow, Wow, Wow! What a three months it has been ... seriously life changing. The power in the shift of your mindset is unbelievable and through Sam's support and knowledge she has enabled me to rediscover my self-belief, drive and ambition whilst being truly authentic. I'm beyond grateful that our paths have crossed and I highly recommend Sam to anyone who feels stuck, lost in where they are going in their career but also in who they are. Everything Sam provides is 11/10 and she is highly knowledgeable. The ability to message Sam whenever was just fab, as you knew you were never alone on those days when they felt harder than normal and you needed to overcome those demons. I can promise you by making this investment in yourself you won't regret it, it will be the best investment you ever make!

Maria is building her freelance business and has discovered they joy in putting herself first

“Sam gave me the clarity and confidence to keep going"

Sam’s positive energy and honesty made it so easy and wonderful to work with her. I truly looked forward to each of my sessions. After each call I came away feeling energized, had a plan ready and knew she would hold me accountable. She was brilliant at breaking down any challenges I was facing and always coming up with solutions for me to take the next step. She gave me the clarity I was looking for and the confidence to keep going. I would highly recommend working with her. Thank you Sam!

I spent years  chasing the "dream" up the corporate ladder, never feeling satisfied with each pay rise and buying things to make myself feel happy. I even took a 50% pay-cut and changed careers at the age of 30 but still I couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong. It was only after an awakening in 2015 did I realise I'd spent my life doing what I "thought" was right for me, but actually I was just following in the footsteps of my peers, my parents, and my partner at the time. 

I've been where you are right now...

i was deeply unhappy and a pivotal point came when i was sat in a meeting.

My soul was crying and i could finally hear it.

but guess what...

Soul Map


Four months, eight sessions, one-to-one support to help you discover what you were born to do, and give you the confidence to make it happen.

Together we will discover your Compass Points, the four key values that are the soul of who you are and will always show you your truth North and keep you moving towards your Soul Purpose.

A dive into Human Design,  a holistic self-knowledge system that brings together the exoteric and esoteric to create a unique map of how you are designed to live, love and work with ease. Using your time, place and date of birth a complex and detailed chart is created that can tell you a number of things you don’t know about yourself - and confirm some of the things you always wondered. 

Here's What To Expect

Compass Points

Human Design

session one

session two

What did you enjoy as a child? What makes you lose track of time as an adult? We'll start to identify the passions and interests that make your soul sing and see where these could lead.

Discovery Missions Part 2.

session four

We will take a look at your conscious gifts and talents, as well as review your unconscious gifts and talents from your Human Design.  In this session you will start to grow in confidence and gain clarity around what your career move could be.

Discovery Missions Part 1.

session three


Start to understand your core identity and put together all the pieces of the puzzle we've identified. We'll look at the Discovery Missions and see how much of your time is currently spent on your passions and look to identify your Luminaries, people who can help broaden your horizon and show you what is possible.

A challenging session where we look into the shadows. What is stopping you? Here we will look at the Gremlins, connect with your Inner Child and find out where your beliefs and blocks are stemming from, and make progress in releasing them once and for all.


Purpose Blockers

session five

session six

Create a plan of action which aligns you to your purpose, overhauls any overwhelm and gives you clarity of the next steps,

There is an option here for us to discuss Business Mentoring, should that feel right.

Alignment Plan & Goal Setting

session eight

A mind-mapping session where we start to explore the career pathways or business opportunities which align you with your purpose..

Potential Career/Business

session seven

How It Works

Book in for a Self-Discovery Call. We chat for around an hour to undertsand where you are at now and I'll answer any questions you have

First This

We set a start date, and you complete the pre-programme work, so you're ready to hit the ground running.

Then this

We work together for fortnightly for four-months and at the end you'll be clear as to your Life Purpose with a plan to put it into action

finally this


"The authentic self is the soul made visible" 


"Sam's help has been invaluable. She helped me to identify what matters most to me, how I work best and encouraged me to make those big decisions I otherwise would have been too scared to take. In essence, she's shown me the real me. I absolutely loved her Human Design input but also her range of experience both in coaching and in the corporate world. I would highly recommend her support."

Rachel quit her high profile job and went back to university


"Sam has great intuition for helping you hone in on your goals and building your confidence to tackle what you have been avoiding! Acting as a coach and a friend, Sam is very personable, honest and great at articulating feelings you haven’t been able to put into words. By the end of our sessions I felt I knew myself better, had identified what it was I wanted to achieve and set out a plan on how to get after it. Sam is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her research and enthusiasm every time we had a call. Some feelings you learn about yourself aren’t always comfortable ones, but it’s good to air them confidentially and talk about them to know how to move forward and evolve. Would recommend."

Francesca discovered what was important to her


real results

Hi, I'm Sam

A born intuitive, educator & healer who believes that everyone is capable of living an abundant and aligned life - without the hustle!

I combine psychology, spirituality and business strategy to offer my clients a unique experience. No other coach/mentor (that i've found), works like I do.

more about me >

nice to meet you

This is for you if:

you WANT TO DISCOVER your soul purpose and live in alignment with joy and passion

you're not ready to put the work in, you'll need to set aside an hour a week minimum between our sessions

you're wholly commiTted to change and know that this will be a road of self-discovery. I'M IN THE CAR, I KNOW THE DESTINATION, BUT YOU'RE DRIVING

you're not interested in spiritual PRACTICES and UNWILLING TO consider another way of looking at the world


It's probably not for you if...


eight zoom sessions over four months, x 6 60 MINS, x 2 90 mins

in-depth 90 minute human design, and astrology reading, only available to coaching clients

on-hand whatsapp support, mon-fri. you're never alone.

Your Investment

the comfort in knowing you're working with a highly experienced coach with a number of credentials and testimonials who is incredibly passionate about what she does - and gets results!

I am able to, and often do, adapt my programme to suit my clients needs. making them longer or shorter (e.g. eight weeks instead of four months). However through my several years of coaching I have established this is the optimum number of sessions required to see long lasting change.

x4 monthly payments of gbp 650
one payment of
gbp 2,500

actions, accountablity, visualisations, meditations and worksheets to help you progress between sessions

15% off Distance reiki healings to help with chakra alignment and encourage receptivity to change

15% off live workshops to compliment the work we do together 1:1

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

Your journey starts with a one-hour Self Discovery Call.

Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes, and in-between our sessions, I am on hand via WhatsApp. So that I am fully present for my clients, I only work with a handful of people at any one time. 

I like to see these calls as a 'first date'. The chemistry must be there from the start for our relationship to work. Can we envisage ourselves sitting down fortnightly for 90 minutes for four months? Do you feel that I am someone you could speak openly to and trust?

During this 'first date' I am also getting a sense of your commitment to change and investing in yourself.

My integrity means I will never take on a client where I don't believe I can facilitate change.

book a call

Due to a recent rise in "no-shows", it is with regret that a small non-refundable charge now applies - this is to ensure you are serious about investing in yourself. If you have ANY doubts, reach out to me before booking.

If you decide to proceed, the fee will be deducted (less card fee) from your first invoice.

 If no times are showing on the booking calendar, I am currently fully booked. Please reach out here, and we'll see what we can do.

You can find the terms and conditions of booking here.

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