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Each New Moon I offer a online  Zoom workshop that harnesses the energetics of the New Moon. Each workshop blends science and spirituality, we work through a meditation, the astrological transits, a coaching exercises, and an activation infused with Reiki healing to balance your chakras and remove blocks.

"I received bold and undeniable clarity on one of my goals during this workshop. I've been working on this goal for a while and it had been feeling a bit uncomfortable with me. The workshop gave me a true lightbulb moment and a massive unblock. I finally understand the why behind this goal! For me I got clarity and calmness and a wonderful first experience of reiki. Thank you! "



"It was a breath of fresh air in the middle of my workday and I left feeling grounded, relaxed, clear and motivated! The Reiki healing made me all tingly and lit the flame that's been smoldering, ready to come to life, to tackle a project I've been called to do for quite some time, but have been sitting on."



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