Transform Your Life With the Power of Your Intuition

We are taught to base decisions on fact alone. Logic and reasoning. Well, not only is this wrong, but CEO’s around the globe use their intuition every day to make million-pound decisions.

Hello, I'm Samantha
A born intuitive, educator & healer who believes that every one is capable of living an abundant and aligned life.
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Your intuition expresses the honest feelings of your true self and is the source of your inspiration, creativity, and intuition. By listening to your inner voice, you can gain insight into what makes you happy and unhappy and gain the power to transform your life into a more vibrant and fulfilling one.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t listen to our intuition because we’re too busy juggling all of the responsibilities and demands of our daily lives.

The good news is that regardless of how busy or hectic your life may be, there are ways to filter out distractions so you can hear your intuition. As you reconnect with your true self, you can use that voice to guide you to the things that will bring more joy, progress, and peace into your life.

Your intuition is a muscle and will get stronger with regular practice. Before long, listening to your Inner Voice will become second nature. To get started and filter out the noise of daily life and tune into our intuition, we need to make time to hear what it has to say.

One way to connect with our intuition is to dedicate time for self-reflection. Many clients tell me they ‘don’t have time’. Self-reflection is an important part of personal development and is something we regret not making time for but never regret the time we spent on it.

Self-reflection is as simple as thinking about the things in your life that are going well and that make you happy, as well as the things you’re dissatisfied with. Reflect on how you truly feel about the direction your life is taking. It is important, to be honest and open with yourself as you reflect on your life so that you can hear your true Inner Voice. Ignore any critical voices from the past and avoid letting society tell you how to live your life; the loud objective voice that may interrupt your train of thought is your ego – more on that here.

Seek out a place and time for your moments of self-reflection where you can be alone and uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes.

Choose a place where you can fully relax and be alone with your thoughts, such as lying on your bed, sitting on the sofa or reclining in the bath. This is also fine if you find it easier to practice self-reflection by walking in nature, practising controlled breathing, or doing yoga poses. I take my dog for a walk along the beach without my headphones and listen to the thoughts running through my head.

Either during or immediately after, write down any thoughts, impressions, and daydreams that emerge during your self-reflection time. The more you practice, the clearer your Inner Voice will be; recording your insights for later reflection or exploring the thought pattern further is helpful.

Keeping lists, journalling, or even sharing your insights with a friend or life coach can help you identify the areas of your life that you want to change to bring happiness and joy to your everyday life.

As you experience the joy of hearing your intuition, learn to trust it and take action on your discoveries. Nobody expects you to make drastic changes to your life, start small but make time each day to do something that brings you joy. Each tiny step is a step towards living your dream life.

Just as you seek to add more things to your day-to-day that brings you joy, try to restrict or remove habits that do not. With time your intuition may guide you towards a new career, end relationships, or move home. Trust that your intuition has the best intentions for you, and accept with grace that letting go of the people and things that drain your energy prevents you from being truly happy.

With time and regular practice, listening to your intuition will guide you to living a life with much joy and happiness.

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I'm Samantha

A born intuitive, educator & healer who believes that every one is capable of living an abundant and aligned life - without the hustle!

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