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HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Sam —
a born intuitive, educator & healer who believes that everyone is capable of living an abundant and aligned life - without the hustle!

I MANIFESTED my dream life (after hitting rock-bottom), and I want to HELP YOU do the same.

Back in January 2019, I was three-ish years into running successful content marketing mentoring business and a sought-after industry expert; I was invited to speak on television and a spoke at several high profile events. My client roster was packed, and I had rebranded and brought onboard 12 other leading industry experts to be part of a collective. I had a podcast with over one million downloads and was hustling hard.

Then, in February, my husband and partner of almost a decade moved out - and in with someone else. It's not an exaggeration that in my moment and the months that proceeded, as we battled our way through a painful divorce, my world was in turmoil and everything I once knew unravelled.  I kept my head above water professionally, but behind the scenes, unsurprisingly,  I was in a lot of pain.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said,
"Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars". 

After a month in my dressing gown, I decided it was time to start piecing my life back together. I started working with a fantastic Life Coach, and, in a deep diving into the darkness of my soul, I began to identify that many of the things I thought I wanted for my life and the business - I didn't! They had resulted from a codependent relationship with my ex, the societal and cultural norms (Hustle Culture) I was obeying and that I was a people pleaser - hello inner child wound!  

With their encouragement, I began to restructure my business (and my life). Within months, I was the happiest I had been in years; I lived an abundant, colourful life and had a business that supported the life I had created. For the first time in a long time, I was excited to grab life by the handlebars and ride off into my next adventure - which took me 68 miles South of London to a cosy flat 15 minutes from Hove beach.

Through a combination of my personal development programme and my work in mentoring, I realised that many of my clients didn't appear to be living or working in alignment. They were doing what they felt they had to do, and in some cases, conditioned to think that was what they wanted! There was no WHY behind their goals, no passion or purpose, and they didn't seem all that happy when they achieved them.

THIS was my breakthrough; I realised I wanted to go deeper with my clients; I didn't only want to chat about Instagram marketing and business strategies; I wanted to know them and their lives what made them tick, why had they started this business in the first place - what did they want in 15 years? I wanted them to build a business that they loved and that loved them back. Just like I had.

I pivoted my business after certifying in Life Purpose Coaching, Positive Psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and several other modalities. With my clients' permission, I invited them to dig a little deeper into what they REALLY wanted - and for most - more Instagram followers weren't the answer!  

Magick was created, session after session, clients had breakthroughs, emotional energy blocks were released, fears and dreams realised, inner critics silenced, and Inner Childs soothed.

Through activating my SOULS PURPOSE, I can help YOU to activate YOURS.

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Working with me takes COURAGE, and it's a huge PRIVILEGE for me, that I don't take lightly.

As your coach and mentor, I am not here to put you under my wing and stroke your hair; I am not here to be your guru, your wing woman, or your new BFF. I am here to help you push yourself and dive deep; because only in uncovering our 'shadow' selves and the parts of our psyche that are holding us back can we truly make a change. 

Every success I have had in my life has come from a tiny spark of bravery, whether putting myself out there or accepting I need support.

We can only live our purpose when we are prepared to be brave.

Working with me is the first step towards living the life you want, and it is my absolute pleasure and honour to support you on this journey. To help you tune in to the gentle feeling of your intuition and block out the booming voice of your ego - and your inner critic. Only then can we ascertain what we truly want in life and for our business. To define what success is to us, not to our peers, parents or partners.

It takes a lot of courage to buck the trend and say, "I want more! Not for anyone else but for me!" 

If you're ready to do that - then let's talk. 

Positive Psychology Practitioner (2020)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma (2020)
Intuitive Healing Diploma (2020)
Life Purpose Coach Practitioner (2019)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (2019)
Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner (2019)
Talking Therapy Technique Master Practitioner (2019)
Reiki Level 2 (2019)

Buyer Behaviour & Analysis (2017)
Emotional Intelligence (2020)
The Science of Self Acceptance (2020)
Inner Child and Matrix Re imprinting (2021)
Human Design & Gene Keys (2021)

15 + years corporate work experience in Global retail, with experience in business development, retail management recruitment, HR, and marketing. Including leading departments of Global retailers.
6 + years self employed 
1,000 + coaching hours
20 + years reading tarot and oracle cards

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A few things I beleive

 “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

A few things I beleive

If you can't figure out your purpose, follow your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.

the question is...

Are you ready to make BIG changes?

If the answer to that question is a resounding YES then get in touch, because I am excited to speak with you.

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