To realise your true purpose, align your life with the universe, and enjoy a life of abundance, you need someone who can guide you beyond your limitations.

my why

'Samantha' comes from Aramaic origin and means "listens well" and also from Hebrew origin "as told by God". 

Listening to both you and to the Universe, is the foundation of my coaching approach. Let me help you tune into your intuition, discover your soul purpose and break down limiting beliefs so that you can live the life you deserve. 

My soul purpose is to heal others. My Sun and Chiron are conjunct, through the healing of my own wounds, I help others. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients thrive.

an in-depth four-month life coaching programme for radical transformation

1:1 Sessions

You are worthy of living the life you want, running the business you've always dreamt of, and manifesting your dreams.  Using Human Design, Astrology,  Jungian Theory, Positive Psychology and business and marketing strategies, these sessions are bespoke to every client. 

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"It's like all my life everyone's told me,
'You're a shoe!' 
Well, what if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I want to be a purse or a hat?"


one-off sessions for immediate support

Intuitive Soul Alignment Sessions

Formerly known as "Power Hours".

Do you have an idea you'd like to explore in business or your personal life? Curious about where to go next? Perhaps you need clarity on your goals and next steps or seek a sounding board. Or maybe you have a challenge you're not sure how to overcome.

In these sessions, we focus on your idea or challenge, explore new possibilities, get clarity and create action steps for moving forward.

An Intuitive Soul Alignment Session will make you feel lighter and clearer about what's next.

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a 60 or 90 minute deep dive into you

Human Design Coaching

Your Human Design chart is a personal blueprint that you can utilise to create an extraordinary life.

Using your birth date, time, and location, this energy map determines why you’re here and what will work best for you in this lifetime.

In these sessions, we can explore the unique ways you’re here to live, love, and work as well as how you manifest, so that you can evolve with ease.

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reiki healing sessions

Reiki Energy Healing

To heal means to become whole. These in-depth healing and rebalancing sessions are meant to encourage a permanent restoration of calm and confidence and highlight where you need to focus your healing.

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my coaching method


Using MBTI, Jungian Theory and Positive Psychology we dive into that beautiful brain of yours and establish what is going on in your mind.


Through a blend of Human Design, Astrology and Intuitive Channelling, we take a look at why you're here and what your soul needs in this life time in order to evolve.

Together we unfold your behaviours, limiting beliefs, and assess your unaligned areas, in life and or business, to help establish where you need the most support.



I invite you to dream big and start to identify those big scary dreams (if you don't already know them) and get super clear on what you want to achieve. We'll use visualisation techniques as well as practical coaching and psychology techniques to get you clear on where you want to be in the next 3-6 months.


We start to set clear goals, I share productivity hacks, we align your way of working and living with your Human Design strategy and if relevant, we look at how you market yourself/business. 


Manifestation meets mindful action. This is where we look at intention setting, working with planetary movements, as well as the Law of Attraction so that you can be your most magnetic self.