Human Design Coaching

Coaching sessions for heart-led souls, creative entrepreneurs and those who want to bring a little more intention to their lives, by understanding their unique design.

Do you want to live an extraordinary life?
Filled with ease and flow?

Do you sometimes feel like things are more of a struggle than they should be?

Do you find yourself imitating what works for others - but wonder why it isn't working for you?

As a coach and mentor, I am always looking for new modalities to help my clients better understand themselves and make aligned decisions within their business/career. Nothing has come close to the relatability and accuracy of Human Design.

In our second coaching session, all clients are walked through their Human Design personal blueprint, their map for how to best use their energy for faster and easier results in business - and in life. 

And now I am offering this as a standalone offering. 

A Human Design Coaching Session can help

These sessions can help with:

creating clarity

Who you really are, why you’re here, and the gifts you’re meant to share with the world

setting & achieving goals

How to use your energy type to create easier, faster results in your work

making decisions with ease

How to use your strategy and authority to make decisions — from everyday life choices to making a shift in work

manifesting your dreams

How you are designed to draw opportunities to you through your manifestation style.

What is Human Design?

In a nutshell, Human Design is a holistic self-knowledge system that brings together the exoteric and esoteric to create a unique map of how you are designed to live, love and work with ease. Using your time, place and date of birth a complex and detailed chart is created that can tell you a number of things you don’t know about yourself - and confirm some of the things you always wondered. 


What to expect:

Our session is around two hours and is split into two halves. You'll receive a recording of our session afterwards and a beautiful 40+ page PDF to refer to - so you need to worry about making notes and two visualisation meditations to help you connect with your design. 

For the first ninety-ish minutes, I will talk you through your chart, looking at your energy type, strategy and authority, profile lines and centres. Don't worry if this all sounds like gobbledegook - I will break it down into as much detail as you require; I pride myself on making the complex clear. 

For the second half, this will take a more coaching approach, and we will hone in on the challenges you have highlighted when booking, and I will look into your chart to see how to overcome these. We will also address your gifts, abilities, and talents and discuss how you can easily achieve your goals.

Suppose you are already knowledgeable about Human Design and are familiar with your strategy and authority, profile etc... In that case, we can use all of this time to bounce ideas and discuss openly where you are working in alignment with your design, and I can support you to overcome any challenges using your chart and my coaching and mentoring skills set.


As soon as Sam start advertising her human design coaching I knew I had to book in a session After pivoting my business in 2021, I've been feeling frustrated and like I am unable to communicate my message to my community Sam blew me away with the level of insights about human design, my chart and how I can use my gifts to make a bigger impact If you are interested in learning about your human design and applying it to your business then I'd highly recommend saving yourself some time and booking in a session with Sam - you won't be able to find this level of knowledge, empathy and support from a random Google search.

client experience


Since learning about Human Design (Self-Projected Projector) I have found myself staying quiet in meetings - until I am invited to share my thoughts. GAME CHANGER! Through working in alignment with my blueprint, I have shifted from the verge of a breakdown/burn out, to changing my career - and even my husband even commenting on what a changed person I am, for the better.

client experience

I feel so seen!

Finally! I am not a quitter! I like to have my fingers in all the pies! Learning that as an MG I am not designed to be a ‘master’ but a’ jack-of-all-trades’ has made such a huge difference to my self-confidence. Before I thought I lacked follow-through. Thank you, Sam - the combination of educating and coaching was so useful.

client experience

HD has taken my coaching experience to the next level

I have been fortunate enough to experience working with Sam over a longer period and every session we touch on my HD to check in with the decisions I am making to ensure they are aligned with my sacral - it’s really been a breath of fresh air to have someone who “gets me” all because she understands me on a personal level through my chart. It has deepened our coaching relationship no-end and I am so glad that she added this skill set to her already bursting knowledge bank. 

client experience

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

Your next step is to book in for your call. I offer two options, a one hour reading only session or a two hour reading + coaching session (most popular option).

I do require a few days to prepare your chart, so next day or same day bookings are not available. 

You will need to know your time, date and place of birth. If you do not know your exact time of birth, your reading may be inaccurate. Please ensure you type out the time and date in the format requested to prevent any errors. Refunds will not be given for incorrect data provided.


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