Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

The Japanese practise of Reiki is a stress-reduction and health-enhancing modality. This method of energy medicine works by balancing the etheric fields that surround a person. But Reiki is more than just a healing and recovery treatment; it's also a spiritual practise that aids in personal fulfilment, the principles and philosophy of which can explain and achieve better life-balance, self-development, and transformation.

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Now that you know that Reiki is a type of energy healing, you may be curious about its inner workings, how it might feel, and how it can benefit you. Reiki is a generic term for the life-sustaining universal energy. All of a person's energy centres and (chakras) are open to Reiki, or Chi as it is known in Eastern medicine. However, energy flow can be impeded by energy blockages or constraints in the body, just as the physical flow of blood or fluids can be hampered by dysfunctional organs or blood vessels. Emotional or cognitive states can be linked to this type of energy. Reiki can be used to clear these pathways. So, when the pent-up energy finally flows freely, you might experience a wide range of emotions, each of which is unique to the nature of the emotions that were previously trapped inside. Physical and mental well-being are improved through energy movement.

Reiki is not connected to any specific religion and does not require faith on the part of the practitioner. However, it is beneficial to receive Reiki in a tranquil setting.

You can read more about Reiki here on my blog.

How does Reiki work?

Ready for your life to change?

There is no doubt that Samantha is a gifted healer. I came away from my session with her feeling lighter than I have in years. It is no coincidence that my niggling knee pain let up the very next day after Sam's intuitive insights around the anger I was holding on to. Truly life changing and highly recommended.

— maya

"Truly life changing"

client feedback

My mission is to facilitate your healing and enlightenment by providing a haven where you can examine your innermost thoughts and feelings. As you attune to the higher frequency of your soul, you will experience profound relaxation, an energy shift, and the welcome return of your presence during these sessions.

Since 2019 I've worked as a professional energy healer and life coach, and I've developed a keen awareness of how our energetic makeup is mirrored in our external environment. I am an expert at deciphering these codes and using them to help my clients identify and address the underlying mental, emotional, and physiological causes of their current challenges. Healing works on both the conscious and unconscious levels, permeating past and present to unearth what is true and let go of what isn't so one can move forward. Vibrational medicine "meets us where we are," providing precisely what we require. That means we'll get the help we need to mend our bodies and souls. The part of us that has been around the longest and knows the most will be our guide if we need it.

Find the Key to Your Healing.

You can have your session remotely or join me in person in Brighton & Hove.


What an experience! I was doubtful that Reiki could work over distance, having only had in-person sessions before, but wow! From the booking all the way through to the aftercare on WhatsApp - it was second to none. I loved the playlist Samantha provided for me to enjoy during the healing, and her feedback was spot-on! Thank you, Samantha; I can't wait for my next session.

— clare

"What an experience!"

client feedback

Science has proven that distant Reiki treatment is just as effective as in-person treatment. At the time of our session, all you need to do is sit back in your own home and make yourself as comfortable as possible with the intention of receiving.

You have the option of scheduling a video consult or a tech-free session. Those who have questions are encouraged to send an email.

My most popular offering is the session where we don't use any technology. At the time of your session, all you need to do is unwind, tune in to your inner self, and receive the healing energy transmission. Amazing for those who have trouble sleeping or are under constant stress. To limit your time in front of the screen, you will receive a WhatsApp message at the start of your treatment and again at the end. Upon scheduling, you will receive an email with additional instructions and a suggested playlist to make the most of your session.

If you want to chat with me before starting treatment, online sessions are the way to go. We'll start with a 10-minute video chat via Zoom. Then I'll lead you through a 5-minute meditation to help you unwind before I give you Reiki - this is ideal for people who are anxious about what to expect and would like some light conversation and gain insight or encouragement in their lives. We will then pop Zoom on mute and turn the camera off, and you can get comfy. At the end of the session, I will inform you and let you know the session is complete. Whilst you are having a glass of water or making any notes for yourself from our session, I will compile my findings and notes from our session and let you know what came up and any guidance I feel called to share. (If we are having a tech-free session I will share this via message).

You are then welcome to message me anytime on WhatsApp or via email, regarding any questions or if you want to share something with me.  

What To Expect


GBP 55 // 60 MINUTES
GBP 30 // 30 MINUTES

Distant Healing Sessions

A 10% discount is available for Emergency Service and NHS employees. Please email me from your work email address for the coupon code.

I offer a limited number of in-person sessions in Brighton & Hove within therapy rooms, if you would like to experience hands-on soft touch Reiki healing with me, please send me an email so we can find a mutually convenient time.

The actual healing involved within your session will be much the same as in a remote distant session however I want to outline what to expect.

We'll start off with some light conversation and I will confirm with you the notes on your booking regarding what has bought you to me. If I feel intuitively pulled to do so, I may choose crystals to lay around you, under the therapy couch or on certain chakras to help facilitate the healing.  I will check with you if you are happy for soft-touch reiki or if you would prefer hands-off. Both work just as a effectively it is your choice. Hands-on will never touch any private areas such as around the groin or breasts.

I will then make you comfortable on a therapy couch. You'll remain fully dressed, removing only what you feel is necessary to make yourself comfortable - such as your coat and shoes.

I will play a meditative playlist to help you relax. It is common to fall asleep, and that is absolutely fine. I will wake you at the end. Many clients find that even if they don't fully fall into sleep they still find that one hour on the table leaves them as refreshed as a full-nights sleep.

Once the session is over, I will give you some time to come to and a glass of water, and then when you feel awake, let you know of anything that came up and recommendations I may have for you. 

After any reiki session, in-person or remote, it is always recommended you keep the rest of your day as light as possible, and that you drink lots of water and refrain from alcohol or other stimulants/depressives so you can fully absorb the powerful energetic healing. 

In-Person Sessions

GBP 70 // 60 MINUTES
GBP 90 // 90 MINUTES

send email to enquire

A 10% discount is available for Emergency Service and NHS employees. Please email me from your work email address for the coupon code.

SEPTEMBER 2023: I am currently at full capacity for in-person treatments. I would highly recommend considering a distant healing or alternatively send me an email to join the wait/cancellation list.

I'm Samantha

Life Coach, Intuitive, Psychospiritualist and Reiki Energy Healer. In 2019 I was initiated in the first and second levels of Reiki using the Usui System. 

Learning from the direct lineage of Mikao Usui, one of the founders of Reiki I have combined this traditional teaching with Energy Psychology and Intuitive Healing to provide my clients with an exceptional experience.

I am a trusted practitioner and am registered with both the CMA and UK Reiki Federation.

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