Intuitive Soul Alignment Session

Flexible and on demand mentoring sessions to trouble shoot problems, gain clarity or much needed motivation in all aspects of life and business.

Do you have a block that you're struggling to move past?

Or perhaps you need a trusted sounding board to help you make sense of a situation or idea?

Clients come to me for a multitude of reasons, but they all have a common theme - I am stuck and I don't know how to move forward.

Intuitive Soul Alignment Sessions are individual coaching & mentoring sessions that help you move forward. You come with the issue, and I ask the questions to help you tap into your own innate ability to know what you need to do (and if you don't, I can give you pointers). 

If you're feeling knotted up, and want someone to help you find the end...  


If you're looking for:

a sounding board

I am here to listen to your thoughts, ideas or concerns, and provide advice - if appropriate as well as ask the questions that help you identify the answers.

someone who can combine practical strategy with spiritual practice.

Before I moved into life purpose coaching and psychospiritual work, I worked in marketing. For three years I ran a successful social media, content marketing and business consultancy. If you want direct advice on all things business, then I can help - but it will likely be with a dose of energetic work.

permission to take that next step

Many of us just need someone to tell us that our idea isn't crazy as well as to encourage us to give ourselves permission to take the next step. I'm here to champion your idea, or to help you reevaluate.

What is an Intuitive Alignment Soul Session?

An Intuitive Soul Alignment Session is a 60 or 90 minute, "power hour"  1:1 mentoring session designed to help you overcome a specific barrier you're facing, or troubleshoot a problem that is causing a pinch-point in your life and/or business preventing you moving forward. 

It could be anything from, money blocks, feeling misaligned with your purpose, running past ideas you have, needing help with time management, an audit of your website, thoughts on pricing, tone of voice - no question is too big, or too small.

all we've got to do, is chat it through.

"I loved how easy you were to talk to and I'm feeling really motivated"

I just wanted to say thank you so much for chatting to me earlier today. I've spent the last year just swimming round in circles not getting anywhere with my business and not knowing what direction to take. After an hour's call with you I now have a to do list and a clear direction of what I need to do and where I am going. For once I am not feeling overwhelmed, just super motivated. 

I loved how easy you were to talk to and I'm feeling really motivated. You gave me the tough love I needed and I instantly trust everything you advised me to do. I'm excited to put things into practice and see where it goes! 


"I now feel incredibly inspired and super motivated!"

"I jumped at the chance to have a one-to-one call with Sam. After following her on social media, I knew Sam was the perfect mentor to help me take my business to the next level. In an hour we covered a lot of ground - from social media and marketing strategy to improvements to my website, plus valuable tips and advice on time management, wholesale and how I can up-scale my business. Sam's honest feedback and clear direction have helped me create a long list of action points, and I now feel incredibly inspired and super motivated! Thanks so much Sam!"


How does this differ from your programme?

My four month programmes is designed to help clients over a longer time frame with a focus on educating and empowering you through developing core skills, connecting with your Human Design, overcoming barriers, challenging beliefs, changing mindset blocks, and bringing ideas to fruition (business and life design). 

Each session builds on the last as we work towards a goal you have set for the programme. In addition there are other benefits, which you can read here.

An Intuitive Soul Session is a one-off on demand online meeting at the time of need, to find optimal ways to move forwards or solve a specific challenge.

It is also a taster of what working with me long-term could look like.

What prep do I need to do?

You'll need to attend our session with the issues you want to work through. When you book your session, I ask for a rough outline, but you're welcome to deviate from this. 

You will need to be realistic about what we can achieve in your booked time, and I will outline at the start whether we can cover all your queries.

What happens after our session?

You’ll leave feeling confident, motivated and ready to move your forward from our session, but you will be responsible for taking notes throughout and moving through any actions.

You have the option to add seven days of WhatsApp support at checkout, for on-going accountability and guidance. However, I am not one to ignore an email so if something pressing comes up from you - reach out.

In addition, you can also book another session or consider booking a discovery call to establish whether my four-month programme is a better option if you want to delve deeper or cover another challenge.

The session is intuitive, so I will pull from my melting pot of power tools to help you in the best way I feel called to do so. 
It could be a talking session, where we just chat back and forth. I may pull oracle or psychology cards to support you. We may do some EFT Tapping if I feel it would benefit. There are so many different things that could come up - but I promise you'll walk away feeling clear and energetic.

What should I expect to happen in the session?

Is This Right For You?

You have a block in your business or personal life you want to overcome

you're open to trying new things. and understand that i combine strategy with spirituality and psychology

you want a safe place to discuss how you're feeling & your issue


sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

Clicking the button below takes you through to my scheduler. Please book in your session and pay for it online. You will be asked for your challenges, goals etc and whether you'd like me to pull an oracle card before our session. 
 At the start of our session I will recap; and if you want to chat about something else instead, then just let me know.


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