1:1 Sessions

Life Coaching & Business Mentoring

You ARE worthy of living the life you want and running the business you've always dreamt of.  Being here right now, is the first step.

YOUR dreams are within YOUR reach

Working one on one with me is not for the faint of heart; we dive deep. We delve into your shadow self; we look at your roots, your core values - what is physically and metaphorically holding you back, we examine it all. We do this so that you can transition, heal and transform every part of your life and pursue what makes your heart sing and live your life purpose.

I am not just your coach, but I am also your mentor and your biggest cheerleader. I will hold your hand, but I won't be your stabilisers; you have to do the work, and I will push you where necessary. If you're looking for someone to stroke your hair - that's not me. I will be your friend, but I'll be the kind of friend you need - someone who will help you to call yourself out on your BS and support you as you grow as a person and entrepreneur (if that's your goal), not someone who listens and nods their head in agreement and lets your ego and Inner Critic take the wheel.

When you change your language and self-made beliefs - you change your world. When you believe in yourself, love yourself and clear the pathway, your life shifts in dramatic and sometimes surprising ways. Unlocking doors you didn't even know you had the key for.

Through my bespoke approach and with me by your side, we will carry out a declutter of your life, so you can root down, grow and thrive - living a joyful, passionate life. 

Our time together will support you for the rest of your life.


If you're looking to:

create a significant transformation in your life (&/or business)

Become abundant, financially & spiritually

Break free from self-doubt, self-criticism and self-sabotage

Change your language and rewire your mind for success, abundance and self-love

POWERFULLY CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION and understand how that differs from your ego

Take a courageous and bold leap forward in your life, with expert guidance and support

Working with me is a life changing experience.

I work with creative people worldwide who want to make radical transformations and live in flow aligned with their soul purpose - filled with self-love, self-confidence, passion, and determination.

My bespoke style will help you uncover the hidden narrative directing your life through your Human Design and Astrology charts as well as conversational sessions drawing on my coaching and psychology background. During your sessions you will feel your mindset change as you reframe your limiting beliefs, silence your Inner Critic and heal your Inner Child. Your intuition will strengthen, and in doing so, you are free to live your dreams and achieve your goals.


I believe that your life and work cannot be treated separately as your happiness and success is affected by both

Therefore I coach holistically; together, we look at your life and work in conjunction with each other. Where appropriate, I can mentor and offer up advice and strategies to apply to your business.


"Coaching with Sam has been a game changer for me."

I went to Sam very confused about the direction of my freelancing business, with a jumble of ideas in my head. She gave me the time, space and support to sort through the confusion and to feel confident in myself and the future of my business. Sam is multi-skilled and tailors the coaching to whatever it is you need from her, even if you’re not sure yourself. She also tailors it to the kind of person you are and the way you understand things. She made practical suggestions about the running of my business when necessary, but she also offered emotional support and advice when I needed it, which I quickly learned is just as important for a creative freelancer where self doubt can hold you back. She helped me to explore what these fears were about and to overcome them. She allowed me to get things off my chest when I needed to, but she also saw through my words to what was going on beneath them and gave me accurate insights in to myself that really surprised me. In the beginning I was cynical about the more emotional side of coaching, but Sam saw what I needed when I didn’t have a clue myself, honestly she deserves a medal for breaking through my cynical shell! Coaching with Sam was exactly what I needed and has completely changed the way that I think about my work. I’ve already landed more of the kind of work I want to be doing, I have a clear direction for my business, I know how to get there and I feel confident in my ability to handle whatever happens along the way.


"Sam's support gave me the focus, empowerment and confidence"

Beautiful, affirming, conscious and in tune.  Sam's support during some steady transitions in my life gave me the focus, empowerment and confidence I needed to set clear goals and achieve them. 
She's a truly well-equipped and inspiring woman with an effortless authenticity to inspire and navigate growth. Forever thankful for her positive outlook on the world. 
We need more Sams out here!


"Seriously life changing"

Wow, Wow, Wow! What a three months it has been ... seriously life changing. The power in the shift of your mindset is unbelievable and through Sam's support and knowledge she has enabled me to rediscover my self-belief, drive and ambition whilst being truly authentic. I'm beyond grateful that our paths have crossed and I highly recommend Sam to anyone who feels stuck, lost in where they are going in their career but also in who they are. Everything Sam provides is 11/10 and she is highly knowledgeable. The ability to message Sam whenever was just fab, as you knew you were never alone on those days when they felt harder than normal and you needed to overcome those demons. I can promise you by making this investment in yourself you won't regret it, it will be the best investment you ever make!


" I am so grateful for her knowledge and experience."

Sam is the perfect combination of a coach and mentor - I am so grateful for her knowledge and experience - it is second to none! I found my time with Sam so valuable as she helped me cut through the noise and explore the possibilities for my business so I could work out exactly what was the best route for me. I would highly recommend Sam! Thank you Sam!

LUCY HAS strengthened  HER BOUNDARIES AND is working towards her big goals

"An essential investment for my business and myself."

I'd been looking to work with a business coach for a while and had done a fair amount of research into various options before I kicked off working with Sam in September 2020. I initially opted for working with Sam because I liked that her offering was a blend of business coaching and business mentoring. Along the way, I've discovered that more life coaching questions/sessions have also been hugely beneficial and game-changing! She's essentially a triple threat coach! She helps you with strategy & accountability, she's an advisor through her experience, and she's also a life coach, usually precisely at the point when you need some help to burn through your barriers! It's been an absolute pleasure, and I have no hesitation in recommending Sam's coaching services. An essential investment for my business and myself.


“Sam gave me the clarity and confidence to keep going"

Sam’s positive energy and honesty made it so easy and wonderful to work with her. I truly looked forward to each of my sessions. After each call I came away feeling energized, had a plan ready and knew she would hold me accountable. She was brilliant at breaking down any challenges I was facing and always coming up with solutions for me to take the next step. She gave me the clarity I was looking for and the confidence to keep going. I would highly recommend working with her. Thank you Sam!


"The perfect blend of commercial acumen, and spirituality"

Sam is a wonderful coach! She has the perfect blend of commercial acumen, with her experience as a Marketing Director, and spirituality, using Human Design. I worked with Sam for six weeks and in this time my self awareness grew massively! I discovered lots of things about myself including a new way of working to make the most of my human design. I am more productive despite spending less time working and more time having fun! Most importantly, Sam helped me to trust myself and listen to my heart.


"Not only has my business, seen the benefits but on a personal level I have developed more skills and self-belief"

 I am grateful to have been introduced to Sam. It took me a while to find a business coach as I wanted someone who I could build a trusting one on one relationship with. As opposed to paying a lot of money to join an ecosystem of resources and very little one on one mentoring.
I have worked with Sam for over 3 months now and not only has my business, Lift Your Wellbeing, seen the benefits of Sam's wisdom and experience but on a personal level I have developed more skills and self belief to deal with the common challenges of small business ownership like self doubt and overwhelm.
Sam has a very warm personality that instantly makes you feel comfortable and an incredible business knowledge that always provided a different angle to approaching my goals and challenges.
Thank you Sam!


"She's a cheerleader who never runs out of energy."

I've been coached by Sam for the last few months and she is really helping me on so many levels - whether it's helping me come to realisations, streamlining my business, creating boundaries, working on an actual marketing plan - she's a cheerleader who never runs out of energy.

This is for you if...

You are serious about positive change, you're ready to show up and own it!

You understand that we will look at ALL areas of your life and your business (if applicable).

You are ready to confront the past, habits and behaviours in order to move on

You are open minded and keen to try new approaches. Human Design, Astrology, intuition and energetics are a big part of my work

You have both the time and money to invest in yourself, and understand you are responsible for change.

This is not for you...

You are unwilling to bare all in your life and business

You're seeking a "quick fix" with minimal effort

You’re not willing to review your beliefs and values

You're not ready to honour your agreement, that means showing up to sessions and completing your agreed actions and exercises

You give up easily - we will work together for a minimum of four months.

You're not open to esoteric philosophies such as intuitive psychic abilities, oracle and tarot cards, Human Design, Astrology, energetics, soul journeys, meditation and Reiki healing. 

eight zoom sessions over four months, x 6 60 MINS, x 2 90 mins

in-depth 90 minute human design, and astrology reading, only available to coaching clients

on-hand whatsapp support, mon-fri. you're never alone.

Your Investment

the comfort in knowing you're working with a highly experienced coach with a number of credentials and testimonials who is incredibly passionate about what she does - and gets results!

I am able to, and often do, adapt my programme to suit my clients needs. making them longer or shorter (e.g. eight weeks instead of four months). However through my several years of coaching I have established this is the optimum number of sessions required to see long lasting change.

x4 monthly payments of gbp 650
one payment of
gbp 2,500

actions, accountablity, visualisations, meditations and worksheets to help you progress between sessions

15% off Distance reiki healings to help with chakra alignment and encourage receptivity to change

15% off live workshops to compliment the work we do together 1:1

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

 I am not currently onboarding any new clients as I am due to go on maternity leave in December. Please email to join the waitlist for my return to work. I am however offering one off sessions and Human Design readings until the end of November.

Your journey starts with a  one-hour Self Discovery Call.

Each client session is up to 90 minutes, and in-between our sessions, I am on hand via WhatsApp. So that I am fully present for my clients, I only work with a handful of people at any one time.

I like to see these calls as a 'first date'. The chemistry must be there from the start for our relationship to work. Can we envisage ourselves sitting down fortnightly (or weekly) for an hour or longer? Do you feel that I am someone you could speak openly to and trust?

During this 'first date' I am also getting a sense of your commitment to change and investing in yourself.

My integrity means I will never take on a client where I don't believe I can facilitate change.

Due to a recent rise in "no-shows" a non-refundable GBP 50 fee now applies to these calls.  It is with great disappointment that I have had to stipulate this but unfortunately it has prevented people from being able to book a call time as others have taken the time and then not shown for their call. 

If we decide to work together this will be deducted  (less card fees from your first invoice). If you cannot make your session you are able to reschedule via your confirmation email or by emailing me.

Terms and conditions.